October 4, 2019

... learn how to be human from non-humans and feed back humanity into machines. 

A simple face-lift won't do here, this endeavour needs really good design - design we can have trust in. As a matter of fact, technology and globalisation have drastically transformed the industrial and social sectors in the past decades. The medium- and long-term i...

September 22, 2019

Hard facts and rational analysis are important for organisational development. Truly successful 21st century organisations, however, must learn to unlock their full creative power, which may often sit dormant. 

In change management, everyone talks about complexity, volatility and the necessary paradigm shift. In reality, hard fact...

August 21, 2019

Innovation & AI is not just about technology. It's about connecting with our creative powers, breaking down barriers, and adopting radically new mindsets - with the aim to make a difference in the real world.

Whenever I am in Amsterdam, I enjoy spending time in my favorite bookstore, a small shop in Westerstraat with always new highlights. While...

July 14, 2019

Developing 21 century skills takes time and practice. Flying High 21 by TalkShop/2CG® will help you boost your language skills in a fresh and fun way ! 

I love working with people who strive for excellence - from leaders, practitioners, experts and artists to students. They all have one thing in common: they were not born as CEOs, inno...

March 8, 2019

Frank Calberg, who has an enormous interest in all kinds of research, tweeted the following question to me: “What in particular makes Vienna livable for you?” 

Rather than repeating the clichés that we can find in all those city rankings, I decided to make Frank's question a topic in one of my conversation classes. MyTalkShop.club memb...

January 9, 2019

Today, I have come across Jonathan Nalder’s FutureWe Framework and I am absolutely thrilled!

“If we could build a new framework to show how learners and leaders can thrive in the future, what would it look like?”, they ask and offer 5 ‘big picture’ literacies: creativity, community, thinking/planning, project delivery, and storytelling.


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