A group of private MyTalkShop.club members wanted to practice their English on a daily basis, in addition to their in-person sessions. Learners work in different professions and have little time available. They need a strong incentive to invest their precious time and energy and practice English on a daily basis.

Communication Skills Training

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    Client Challenge
    We were asked to provide daily learning nuggets to private MyTalkShop.club members who wanted to brush up their English in addition to their club meetings. The challenge was to find a format that was engaging, not too time-consuming, and beneficial for learners.

    Our Solution
    We created a 24-day learning challenge that took participants on a journey where they experienced English on a daily basis during 24 days. We unlocked a tip, a resource, a how-to or any other impulse that inspired and motivated learners to get in touch with the English language on every single day.

    Benefits for Learners
    Learners enjoyed the daily English surprise and sent us a lot of good comments and feedback. Our English tips inspired them on a daily basis, which allowed them to associate learning with a moment of happiness and pushed them towards taking initiative for their learning.

    Check out the 24# challenge

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