We are hot, conversational and creative! Our "Ladies and Gentlemen Club" is a format that attracts open-minded and curious ladies and modern gentlemen who want to improve their English skills and have a strong interest in culture, art, literature, music and aesthetics. 

Ladies and Gentlemen Club

  • Learning Goals and Teaching Approach

    Your Learning Goals: You want to improve your (oral) English skills, meet exciting people of diverse cultural and professional backgrounds; you want to explore new ways of thinking and communicating. And you want to be surprised and energized during our meet-ups.

    Our Teaching Approach: We'll provide you with creative, artistic impulses and invite you to spend some time thinking about your best qualities, traits and idiosyncrasies as well as to stretch your creative and communicative muscle.

    Our Focus: We'll make you dive deep, expect the unexpected, enjoy and benefit from our sessions!

  • Information and Registration

    For more info and to register, please contact Christina Merl.  

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