My focus are 21st century skills - communication skills, creativity, empathy, critical analysis, problem-solving and connected thinking skills. My strategic and practical approach is based on peer exchange and learning in transformative communities of practice (CoP). CoP members share professional and/or personal goals and strive to find practical solutions to the issues they face in daily (business) life. My task as a CoP facilitator is to nurture CoPs with fresh impulses and to support members in building 21st century skills - so that they can tap into future possibilities and create concrete action plans to effect change in real life. 


2CG® is an award-winning methodology mix to train and develop 21st century skills. It comprises

Peer learning

Field trips

Guest speakers 

World café and fishbowl format

Case clinic + peer coaching

Video analysis

Expert round tables

Role play, impro and creativity techniques

Poetry in Business/2CG® is an innovative format for visionary leaders, curious people and 21st century learners who are ready to drive organizational and personal innovation and transformation processes. 

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